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    At Yokor Windows, our products all come with durable powder coated surfaces available in all types of colours, and finishes to match and suit the design and style of your house or project. When our range of options on offer doesn’t seem to hit your exact need, bring us your desired colour and we can colour match to meet your designated colour and finish, ensuring your designs are created with no compromise.​

    Before Installation:
  • Windows and doors need to be stored upright in a dry area.​​
  • Windows with timber reveals should be protected from moisture absorption.​​​
  • Stepping on or putting heavy loads on the window frame could cause damage.​​​
  • Move windows in a way that will not change the position/shape of the windows, and free from scratches.​

    After Installation:
  • All protective wrapping, films or tapes should be removed within 3 months.
  • Window and door surface should be protected from construction materials and chemical substances.
  • Glasses should be taken due care by all trades; otherwise, irreparable damage can be caused.

  • Windows and doors should be wiped with soft lint-free cloth/sponge.  Never use direct powerful streams of water. Only non-abrasive and PH neutral detergent can be used.
  • Do not clean the window and glass when it is hot, otherwise cleaner will dry before you’ve had a chance to wipe it out.
  • Ensure jewellery, watches and any sharp items are removed before cleaning. Scratches that occur from foreign objects will be permanent and are not repairable.
  • Tracks for sliding windows and doors should be cleaned regularly.
  • Hardware might need to be lubricated to ensure optimum performance.
  • In coastal areas, it is recommended to wash the frames at least every 3 months.

Yokor Windows Brochure

Stud Opening Preparation Guidance