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Complete range
Complete range means no need for compromise
Ones’ dream home is one uniquely tailored to your tastes, and that's why Yokor is the perfect choice for all projects and architectural designs. With four different series which encase all different types of project styles and needs, paired with various other fully customisable aluminium products on offer, Yokor not only offers a one stop solution to your project’s needs but also ensures you that there is no need for compromise when it comes to transforming your dream home into reality.​
custom made
We make dreams become reality​
At Yokor Windows, every project is architecturally inspired and custom-made to meet your exact needs. With a wide range of colours to choose from, we offer comfort Titanium Series, European classic Iridium Series, Luxury Commercial Rhodium Series and Masterpiece Vibranium Series, with thermally broken options, delivering the most contemporary designs and best functionality. Empowered by a self-owned factory, we could even create new moulds for your project, enabling even the boldest of visions to be met.
Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency is a basic characteristic
Our products combine thermally improved or thermally broken profiles and argon-filled double glazing or triple glazing to achieve enhanced thermal performance. We also offer tinted glasses and Low-E coating to best suit climate needs. Our exceptional double-sealing system minimises air infiltration and enhances acoustic performance, whilst the all new specially designed passive window system provides the world-leading energy efficiency.
Quality and Performance
Quality and Performance is always ensured
As a premium manufacturer, we source quality materials from our personally selected suppliers, enabling us to offer our clients windows and doors that provide optimum comfort and an enjoyable way to connect with your outdoor environment. Our company’s careful attention to detail, effort and thoughtful consideration when designing and producing these windows and doors ensure our products to be of premium and solid quality- a product that is assured to last.
Professional service
Professional service guarantees your satisfaction
Service is at the heart of Yokor Windows. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients based on satisfaction and integrity. At Yokor Windows, our specialist team will guide you through the whole customisation and design process, from inspiration to final installation. Responding within 24 hours, we guarantee our clients the lead times. Professional installation, a value–added service is also on offer in most locations when required.