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About US
For nearly 30 years, Yokor Windows has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium aluminium windows and doors, setting the aluminium window industry standards for innovation, design and quality. All our products are custom designed and made, offering the ultimate style, flexibility, and performance that builders, architects, and homeowners desire.
Yokor Windows owns and operates six professional production lines in Australia and China, designing, engineering, and adapting our European-system based products to excel in various climatic conditions at any location. Yokor windows supplies window & door products and solutions for our valued clients worldwide, accumulating over thousands of project experiences within Australia.
We understand that it is the thoughtful product design, solid quality, and service that our clients value the most. Our over 30 years of reputable experience enables us to understand your exact needs, and expertly guide and accompany you through the whole process from imagination to completion, ensuring our products delivered to you are beyond your expectations. ​
why choose us
custom made
We make dreams become reality​
energy efficienty
Energy efficiency is a basic characteristic 
Complete range
Complete range means no need for compromise
professional service
Professional service guarantees your satisfaction
and performance
Quality and Performance is always ensured​
Our Series
Yokor Windows offers the most comprehensive range of products in the industry.
•Titanium Series: Good Value and Comfort
•Iridium Series: European-styled Semi-commercial
•Rhodium Series: Luxury and Commercial
•Vibranium Series: Bold Ideas and Masterpiece